Japan, Sendai Mission

Japan, Sendai Mission

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October 7, 2013

On October 7, 2013 Sister Johnson wrote:

I didn't know that Sister Morita wrote you a letter! That made me cry, reading that! I love her so much, I can't even tell you. Today is her birthday, and we are taking her shopping because she is so fantastic and we love her so much. She really is the most wonderful companion. We are becoming very good friends, her and I.

This week was good, but really uneventful. We are still trying to find people to teach, and we haven't had any success yet. But! I have faith, and I know the Lord is preparing people. This week, we spent a lot of time on a bus because we had zone meeting! We had to go all the way back to Sendai, and then to a place called Yamagata, and then back again, and then yesterday, we went to a different branch that was an hour away! We have spent about 12ish hours on a bus this week, and will have more this week because we have interviews with President Rasmussen. But, that is okay.

Yesterday, I fasted that we would be able to find the prepared people that we need to find! I hope that we will be able to as we redouble our efforts to do so.

Last week on P-Day, we got together with the elders in our district and did lots of fun things! We went bowling, out to dinner, and then we went to the Japanese version of a haunted house, which turned out to be a real place, that is rumored to be haunted. It was way fun! We went at night, and hiked about 2000 or so steps, and when the path ended, we were at this crazy old and cool shrine on the side of a mountain in the middle of a super dense forest. It was so cool! The elders played a joke on us too, to scare us. One of them went to look and then disappeared for about 10 minutes while we looked for him. It was funny, but I wasn't really scared. To be honest, I totally felt the Spirit while we were there! Like I said last week, I LOVE the Buddhism in this country, and so that place was SO COOL. I loved it, and it was great fun to hang out with the Elders. They are awesome.

So, I'm almost out of time, but I have a really great scripture to share with you. Alma 32:23. It's about women. LOVE.

Love you!
Johnson Shimai

P.S. We were having fun with double chins. haha.

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