Japan, Sendai Mission

Japan, Sendai Mission

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

October 14, 2013

On October 14, 2013 Sister Johnson wrote:

I'm so sorry that I am late in writing you this week! We had a crazy awesome work day yesterday, so we decided to move P-Day to today! And then we are late in writing because the place we normally go to email was closed, so now we are at the library and we only have an hour to write, so I will be quick!

This week was wonderful! WE FINALLY FOUND A NEW INVESTIGATOR!!!! YAY! His name is Otaki San and he is in his 50's. He lives by himself, and is super genki. He builds in-home Buddhist alters for a living, and he has the coolest comb-over in the entire world. We met him housing a few weeks ago and asked if we could come back to share a message about Kamisama, and he agreed, so that is just what we did! It was short, only about ten minutes long, but he agreed to have another appointment, so we are headed there tonight to meet with him again. I like him, and I know that The Big People love him. That is what is most important. The same day we taught him, we were able to receive AND CONTACT three referrals with a member in our branch named Kuwahara Shimai! We drove about two hours (yes, it's still in our area) to her friend's house and we were able to meet her and her parents! Three people! We spent a few hours eating with them and talking, and we made a great relationship with them! I hope that we will be able to go back in the future! This week, we were able to receive five referrals from members, and contact them all! What a huge blessing that is! The members here in Aizu really trust the three of us with their loved ones, and I am so grateful for that.

This week, we were able to have personal interviews with Presidents Rasmussen, and I am so grateful for that day. Both of them call me Sister Sunshine, and that makes my day! In my interview, President Rasmussen told me that I would be staying in Aizu this next coming transfer, but also that I will have more responsibilities... ?????? Zenzen wakarenai!!!! I don't understand what that means! Haha! But, I do know that we will be getting another sister, so I will FINALLY be in a companionship! How exciting! I don't know if I will be getting a new bean, or if I will be called to do something else... I'm not sure, but that will happen in two weeks, and I am excited. Until then, I will work hard!

This last weekend, we were able to watch Conference. I absolutely LOVED the talk given by President Utchdorf. What an inspired man he is. Him, President Eyring, and President Monson really understand. I also loved Neil Anderson's talk, and I thought the talk given by Carole Stevens was really good too. I need to study them more when I get them in the mail.

This week, I'm not sure why, but very serious grief for the loss of Fisher hit me again, hard. I am so grateful for wonderful caring companions and great sensitive elders in my district. It was a hard day, and I spent the whole day with a red face and puffy eyes, but I am so grateful for loving Heavenly Parents and a redeemer named Jesus Christ that has His arms wrapped around my dear beloved Fisher. I am so grateful for my Savior. He is the answer, really, to all.

I'm so sorry that this isn't as long as I would like it to be, but I still have to write Pres.

I love you so much. So so much. I miss you.
Love, Sister Sunshine! :)

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