Japan, Sendai Mission

Japan, Sendai Mission

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Monday, October 6, 2014

On Monday, October 6, 2014 Sister Johnson wrote:

So, funny story.... As soon as I got to Morioka, they asked me to teach the Kids English class (mistake.....) and so I did. Well, I showed them Duck, Duck, Goose and guess what happened? Yeah.... I broke my foot.... Yeah. It hurt. Real bad. But! I am okay. I got my pinkie toe caught on a chair as I was running, and so I have a fracture just below the toe part. The doctor said that it should take about 5 weeks to heal. HAHA! I laughed out loud when he said that. It's already doing really well; the swelling as gone down almost all the way. Just the bruise is left, so that's good. My foot is a color wheel! And it changes everyday! It's entertaining for me. I can still ride a bike, which is nice. Walking sucks. It's getting easier, but it still hurts pretty good. Japanese docs don't believe in pain meds... So I am on Advil for a good bit, I venture. But! I am doing my best with what my body can handle.

I am LOVING Morioka so far! It is such a beautiful place! And guess what? It's the COLDEST place in the mission! It hasn't snowed yet, but I have already busted out my coat and boots and everything. BRR!! Today, there is a typhoon, so it is raining like CRAZY! And the wind is so cutting. Shivers. But! It's all good.

I have an ANGEL of a companion. I absolutely LOVE Sister Hayashi. She is from Tokyo and is probably the most humble person I have ever met in my entire life. She is comes from really humble circumstances and it is a complete miracle that she was able to serve a mission. Since she was a little girl, she has been allergic to rice (big problem in Japan...), eggs, milk, chocolate, things like that. She would get very sick every time she ate them, and so when she told her parents that she wanted to serve, they were very opposed. But, she promised the Lord in prayer that she would work her hardest to save money and to get her affairs in order to serve, because she had been guided by the Spirit to prepare. A few months after that, she went to the doctor for her pre-mission stuff, and the doctor told her that all of her allergies had disappeared! She could eat anything just like any of the rest of us and would be completely fine! It was a huge miracle for her and her family, and because of it, she has been able to serve a very successful mission. What a cool story, right? It's amazing to me that the Lord will make possible the path as we put our trust in Him and strive to follow His will. Hayashi Shimai is a living example of this principle.

Morioka is a beautiful place. It is in the middle of Iwate Prefecture, and is completely surrounded by mountains. It is nestled in a little basin, and is a pretty good-sized city. I would say that it is probably the size of Boulder maybe? Yeah, about that. The people here are so nice! They remind me a lot of the people in Aizuwakamatsu actually. They are all super nice, but there are lots of crazies too! I love that. Gotta keep things interesting. The members here in the Morioka branch are great too! They are all super nice and welcoming. OH!!! I forgot the best part about church in Morioka! IT'S ONLY TWO HOURS LONG!! How awesome is that? Yesterday was the best. Short sacrament meeting (45 minutes), 15 minute break, Sunday School, DONE! YAY! Best. I love it. I wish the whole world was like that. Three hours is just too long...

But yeah! So that is about it for me! I have been resting a lot this week because I need my foot to get better FAST so that I actually CAN work. Hayashi Shimai has the patience of an angel. Seriously. I love her.

Well, I love you. Did you watch any of Conference? Anything I should look out for? We will watch it this coming Saturday and Sunday. Japan is always a week behind on those things. Any advice for me? I love you! I miss you! Down to a month! Craziness!

I am not trunky. I am NOT trunky. I am not trunky.

This is my mantra. Haha. ;)

Love Shak

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