Japan, Sendai Mission

Japan, Sendai Mission

Monday, July 15, 2013

July 15, 2013

On July 15, 2013 Sister Johnson wrote:

You would not believe the rain here today, wow. So this morning, at 7:00, we had to do this thing called the 171 call. Basically it's just a fast easy way for Rasmussen Kaicho to find out we are safe in case of a natural disaster, like an earthquake or tsunami. So this morning was a practice one! We left our apartment to TORRENTS of rain. It was falling in sheets and was crazy! I have never seen rain like that, except last summer when there was that flash flood in Denver. So we were on our bikes, and I have never been so soaked in my life. The rain went down the top of my rain jacket, and I don't have rain pants, so my skirt was all the way soaked through, and my shoes were so sloshy. I also learned that my Chrome bag is not as waterproof as they say they are... Luckily, I wasn't carrying my scriptures or anything really valuable, but my planner is now soup. Haha. But, we made it to the emergency safe house (a local junior high school), and made the call. Kubota Shimai's tube popped while we were riding back, so we had to walk most of the way. Again, so wet. It was nuts. But, the work must go one, so rain or shine, we are at it. It's good. Hopefully the next time we go housing and it rains, people will have sympathy on us and invite us in. That has yet to happen.

Great news, guess what? I FINALLY got mail this week!!! :D I got Iver and Sarah's announcement. SO CUTE. I loved the heart shirts; that was so cool and so very them. I loved it. But, it did make me trunky. Oh well. I also got mail from Brian Bergholm and the kids, Chelsee, Grayson, Olive, and Sabrina! It was wonderful! The letter from Chels was postmarked for the 2nd of July and I got all my mail on the 9th or 10th! So the mail gets here in about 10 days! Awesome! It was so great to get some love in the mail. :)

This week in Relief Society, it was one of the Lorenzo Snow lessons, and it was the one about pure charity and true religion. It could have been a beautiful lesson, but they made us break into groups and talk about how we support the priesthood, and it made me very, very sad inside. I didn't say anything the entire lesson. I hope that someday, women across the world will realize their worth. All I can do now is testify of the Savior.

This week, I had a great experience visiting a less-active member named Itabashi Shimai. She was so humble and so sweet, and I love her. She has such strong faith in the Savior and wants to follow him, but her husband is not a member, from what it looks like. She served a mission in Fukuoka, and she loves the Lord. And she's a drummer! It was so wonderful to talk to her about the Book of Mormon and to share our testimonies with her. Then, yesterday, she came to Church! It was so great to see her there, and to see the members loving her. That was on Friday, and that was the first time my whole mission I felt like a real missionary. :)

I love you all!

Johnson Shimai

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